Sandrine Deumier is a pluridisciplinary artist working in the field of performance, poetry and video art whose work investigates post-futurist themes through the development of aesthetic forms related to digital imaginaries. During the residency in Oulu-AiR she has worked on an immersive virtual environment with a multiple choice interactive narrative developed in the Unity game engine. This project will attempt to answer the question of what fictions of anticipation can be imagined to allow us to orient present time towards viable near-futures, where inhabiting would mean sharing the world-with. Sandrine Deumier is current artist in Oulu-AiR residency program by Kulttuuribingo Ry.

Welcome to meet the artist and hear about the ongoing project in Valvegalleria on thu 8.12. 6.30 PM

THU 8.12. 6.30 PM

Hallituskatu 7
free entry

vapaa pääsy / free entry

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